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Punta Mita Enjoys A Rich And Vivid History.

A local adaptation of the Aztec word mictlan (gateway to paradise), the areas surrounding Punta Mita have been considered a place for spiritual renewal for centuries. Archeological discoveries identify six different cultures having lived in and around Punta Mita, with settlements dating back to 300 BC and continuing through 1,600 AC.

Research further indicates the existence of ports and docking beaches along the coast dating possibly as far back as 2,000 BC. The Huichols, a Native Indian tribe indigenous to the remote Sierra Madre Mountains east of Puerto Vallarta, have a strong and spiritual connection to Mother Earth, ancient beliefs…and Punta Mita.

Peruse the land nearby what is Punta Mita today and you will discover remnants of celestial observatories. It is a place of history, ancient cultures and serenity.

Punta Mita, Crafted By Mexico’s Most Prestigious Real Estate Developer.

Founded in 1978, DINE is the owner and developer of Punta Mita and is Mexico ’s premier real estate developer. DINE’s mission is to establish unprecedented design quality in residential, commercial, leisure and corporate real estate projects. DINE (Cantiles de Mita, S.A. de C.V.) is an independent company, publically traded on the Mexican BOLSA.

Punta Mita, Developed And Affiliated With Renowned Associates.

The Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita- Riviera Nayarti, Pacific Mexico

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts
The Four Seasons offers some of the world’s most distinctive experiences, currently managing 63 hotels and resorts in 29 countries, in addition to offering a growing network of shared ownership Residence Clubs and Private Residences.

In fact, the Four Seasons philosophy is to continually expand their network offering you an even wider range of exceptional destinations, an example of which is the Four Seasons Punta Mita, chosen by the hotel as the ideal location for its first resort in Latin America.

With its reputation for unsurpassed service, as well as for world-class amenities and dining, the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, which opened in late 1999, is already considered one of the world’s finest resorts.

St. Regis Hotels & Resorts

St. Regis Hotels & Resorts includes the most celebrated properties in the world. As the landmark St. Regis Hotel, New York, celebrated its 100th anniversary, the company further extended the brand’s legacy as the preeminent hotel group.

St. Regis Punta Mita Resort - Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta, Pacific MexicoA common thread unites St. Regis: an unrelenting pursuit of excellence in flawless, anticipatory service and amenities, enviable locations and luxuriously localized design.

For more information, please visit: www.stregis.com

Jack Nicklaus Golf Course Design

Just as Jack Nicklaus once raised golf to a higher level, he has elevated today’s standards of golf course design to a similarly higher level.His team at Nicklaus Design includes some of the world’s most accomplished golf course design associates, agronomists, industry consultants, and experts in golf course construction and marketing.

While they have developed hundreds of spectacular courses worldwide, each one is unique, yet all are the result of the Nicklaus philosophy: to work closely with clients, enhance the natural environment, and create courses that are both challenging and enjoyable for players of all levels.

The first of the two courses to be located at Punta Mita, the Pacifico course is a Jack Nicklaus Signature course, with an unprecedented 19 holes (including an alternate hole #3), eight oceanfront holes, and the world’s only natural island green, this 7,014-yard layout is one of Jack Nicklaus’s most picturesque and unique creations.

Stewart Title Guaranty Company, Title Insurance

As the fourth largest title company in the United States , Stewart Title has the highest rating for financial strength of all title companies. Currently issuing title policies in 15 countries around the world, they were the pioneers in establishing title insurance for property in Mexico. In order to make the purchase process as smooth as possible, the developer has arranged for a title insurance policy to be available with the purchase of all property at Punta Mita.


DINE, as the developer of Punta Mita, with its commitment to excellence and with the goal of creating a modern, international quality resort project with authentic Mexican taste, has chosen some of the world’s most renowned and award winning architects to design the built environment at Punta Mita. The international firm of Wimberly, Allison, Tong, & Goo, combined their talents with Diego Villaseñor Arquitectos Asociados, one of Mexico’s premiere “coastal” architects, to design Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita Mexico.

Master Plan Architect, Edward D. Stone, Jr. and Associates (EDSA), prepared the original land use plan in order to bring international design, technology, and amenities to Punta Mita. A second Master Plan Architect, JP Arquitectos y Planificadores, refined the original plan to add a uniquely Mexican “flavor” to the project.


Punta Mita, A State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure.

Punta Mita’s infrastructure, facilities and amenities are being constructed in accordance with the highest international and ecological standards. It is the principle goal of DINE, owner and developer of Punta Mita, to create the finest master planned residential community in Mexico, exceeding international standards as well as the expectations of its exclusive clientele.
The infrastructure and services installed or planned for Punta Mita meet or exceed the standards of modern upscale resort and residential communities.


Both potable and irrigation water are supplied to Punta Mita by a number of developer-owned deep wells. The water is transported to Punta Mita via impermeable pipes that have a total capacity of 50 gallons per second. At Punta Mita, water is filtered on-site at a special purification plant and is drinkable from the faucet. Irrigation water is stored on site in a man-made lake until needed.

Phone Lines

Phone service is provided via fiber optic cables. A sufficient number of phone lines are being installed so that every residence may have two or more phone lines for telephone, Internet, and fax services.

Internet Access

High-speed Internet access available to all home sites, via either cable or telephone service provides, with in-residence wireless networks readily available.

Road System

Local roads are currently being modified to make the trip to Punta Mita a safe and comfortable one. By using material from the project site, Punta Mita’s road structure blends in with the natural surroundings and takes on the earth-toned, “washed concrete” look of the region.


Mexico operates on the same 110-volt-60 current as the United States . The Federal Electric Commission provides electricity to Punta Mita from a power plant located in close proximity to the project. Sufficient capacity has been installed to supply power for Punta Mita through build-out, with plans to install additional capacity as needed.

Natural Gas

All residences will be supplied with natural gas.

Sewer Systems

To eliminate on-site wastewater, a number of water treatment plants will be installed over time as the project demands. In keeping with DINE’s commitment to ecological preservation, no wastewater will be discharged into the ocean. Instead, the treated water will be recycled and used for irrigation on the golf course and landscaping.

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