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suplove Before you head out on the open water, it’s worth finding a partner. Feeling safe and comfortable is something basic for the practice of any sport, even that paddleboard isn’t that risky, and a SUP buddy can be found really handy by many points.The best part about paddling is sharing the experience with your friends, your beloved one or even your pet. This makes it more interesting, motivation and FUN.

Who said that getting fit wasn’t easy? Great thing about SUP is that it’s a completely social sport. You won’t even notice that you are having an amazing workout with so much entertainment surrounding you.

About getting fit… How are you doing on your resolutions?

For more information, please contact the Ocean Activities Coordinator over the Residents’ Beach Club or the Outdoor Activities Center, located adjacent to the Punta Mita Discovery Center at 329 2916649 or email info@puntamitaexpeditions.com





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