How we spent Easter 2012 in Punta Mita

In celebration of this spring holiday, a special series of SUP clinics and competitions, sponsored by Quicksilver, took place this Semana Santa (Holy Week) weekend, at the Punta Mita Residents’ Beach Club.

Residents and guests had a great time…some just hung out and enjoyed watching like David and Peter… Roberto Santa Cruz, Patricia and her mother also enjoyed the day even though the Beach Club was filled up to the rafters…

Easter Sunday was a day to relax with friend and family. For the last day of the Quicksilver Clinic residents were a bit tired and preferred spending the day on the Beach with the family, at the Beach Club bar watching the final day of Masters Golf Tournament, playing in the Masters Madness Event at the Golf Club follow by lunch and some. like our friendly Croc who resides in one of our lakes of the Bahia Golf Course, spent the afternoon just catching some sun and taking a refreshing dip.

Ahhh…another day in paradise! 

Gracias QUICKSILVER and Punta Mita Expeditions for a great time!


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