Puerto Vallarta Area


Puerto Vallarta is an unrivaled combination of simple pleasures and sophisticated charms.

No other place in Mexico offers both the best of the country’s natural beauty and an authentic dose of its vibrant culture.

Traditional Mexican architecture and gold sand beaches are bordered by jungle-covered mountains.

With its cobblestone streets, graceful cathedral, and welcoming atmosphere, Vallarta maintains a small-town charm despite boasting sophisticated restaurants, a thriving arts community, active nightlife, and a wide variety of ecotourism attractions.


Within an hour or so of Punta Mita’s gated peninsula, residents can savor a charming collection of seaside towns, local and international communities, and other cultural delights.Sayulita, San Pancho and Huichol villages in the Sierra Madre mountains provide just a sampling of the exotic world that awaits.


Sayulita is a charming, bohemian town, a seaside village with an easy-going surfer’s vibe and an artist community living in its hills.

With cobblestone streets, good local restaurants and a smattering of galleries and art, Sayulita has attracted international tourists for years.

And despite the fine beaches and alluring waves nearby, not all of them are surfers!


San Pancho, known more formally as San Francisco, is a quaint Mexican village along the Bay of Banderas surrounded by lush forest.

A town only since the 1970s, this one-time fishing settlement captured the fancy of Mexico’s president who later decided to build a beachfront palace at the edge of town.

San Pancho’s narrow streets are paved with cobblestone, its plaza is decorated with the ornate and colorful beaded art of the Huichol Indians, and visitors may enjoy its arts and crafts, street cafes and open ocean surfing.

San Pancho is also home to a local polo club, with weekly matches during the winter months which have become popular with Punta Mita residents!


Only a few short miles from the tip of Punta Mita, the Marietas Islands were discovered and made famous by Jean-Michel Cousteau in the 1970s.

The rocky architecture, formed by ancient volcanic flows, provides sanctuary for a complex marine ecosystem that includes sea turtles, dolphins, octopus, manta rays, tropical fish, migrating whales and more.

A national marine preserve, the islands are a divers’ dream—crystal clear waters with a great variety of caves, tunnels, archways, coral reef and other sea life to explore.

The islands are also a protected bird sanctuary, home to many rare species of birds, including the Blue-Footed Booby.

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