With its spectacular views, great waves and incredible wildlife encounters, Punta Mita is Stand-Up Paddle’s Paradise!

Surrounded by water on three sides, Punta Mita offers visitors a variety of options on where to surf. You have La Lancha, El Faro, El Anclote, La Bahia and Palmitas to choose from. But Punta Mita isn’t only a great place to go for surfers and wave riders; Punta Mita is definitely such a unique place where you can enjoy of the “two faces” of the sea ALL YEAR long, an untamed sea and a quiet one, it is also a Stand-Up Paddle’s Paradise!

Offering the perfect conditions for this amazing activity no matter age or gender, you´ll always have the opportunity of doing it, and you only need to hit the sea from your own property or by the Residents’ Beach Club.

There are unlimited SUP options: chasing waves, downwind, during sunset, morning Yoga… or simply a nice tour exploring the areas nearby, you can even take your pet onboard! (Hope that you don’t have a Great Dane!)

Great thing about this sport is that it´s never too late to learn it and put it into practice… it´s fun, everyone can do it, it’s a great way to get in shape and you can do it your own way, even if you are looking for a relaxing time or maybe for some action by the wave, paddle board will totally fit with you and your lifestyle.

If your feel curious, why not trying it with us? Even if you need a lesson to learn the basics or want to take it to the next level, our Certified Pro Instructors will ensure a great adventure for all levels. Besides, if you´re new at this, our wide and stable boards guarantee you´ll SUP!

For more information, please contact the Ocean Activities Coordinator over the Residents’ Beach Club or the Outdoor Activities Center, located adjacent to the Punta Mita Real Estate Center at (329) 291 6649 or email info@puntamitaexpeditions.com




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