Get better now! – Como mejorar el swing

The Quick Tip I am often approached for quick tips to solve a player’s swing woes. We’ve all been there and not so deep down we know that a quick fix doesn’t really exist. Golf is all about Fundamentals in set up (Grip, Alignment, Stance and Posture) and the dynamic execution of a balanced motion-better known as your swing. Unfortunately, there’s no pixie dust that can magically turn you into a great golfer. The process of improving your game is a combination of learning sound … [Read more...]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West enjoy official honeymoon in Punta Mita!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are enjoying their “official” honeymoon in Mexico, Us Weekly reported. After their Florence wedding the couple enjoyed a honeymoon in Ireland and Prague. Now, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West continue their post-wedding celebration with a vacation in Punta Mita, their second home. Mr. and Mrs. West, who are staying at a private residence, are also celebrating the rapper’s 37th birthday. Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram to wish Kanye West a “Happy … [Read more...]

How safe is Mexico?

By Black Label Interactive Go to Original Mexico is safer than other popular destinations.  Mexico, one of the world’s great travel destinations, is often singled out for violent crime without telling the whole story. While there is sporadic violence along parts of the U.S. border, the majority of Mexico’s key tourism areas are not only safe, but safer than many other popular tourism areas.  COMPARE TRAVEL DESTINATIONS > Understanding the size and scope of Mexico. Mexico is huge, ranking … [Read more...]

Mexico is safer than many vacation destinations

By Black Label Interactive Go to Original While the media often portrays Mexico as the most dangerous place on earth, it is statistically quite safe. According to which uses U.N.-based data, Mexico doesn’t even make the list of the 36 nations with the highest murder rates. Mild-mannered nations like Sweden and Switzerland top Mexico for murders on  The assault rate in the U.S. is nearly 5 times greater than that of Mexico in the independent Prominix report … [Read more...]

Travel safely

By Black Label Interactive Go to Original Informed travelers know Mexico’s touristic areas are safe and enjoyable. If you are visiting Mexico for the first time, US News & World Report provides a good starting point with this list. US News Best Mexican Vacations  US News & World Report recommends Puerto Vallarta as its top pick. HSIM Editor's note: Consider staying at the nearby resorts of Riviera Nayarit across Banderas Bay. US News also recommends Tulum and the Mayan … [Read more...]

Mexico Weighs Opening Up Wider to Foreign Property Buyers

Possibility of Lifting Restrictions on Property Purchases Has Developers Excited By LAURENCE ILIFF| Posted go to original Mexico is poised to lift century-old restrictions on foreign ownership of property along its coasts and borders, a move real-estate developers believe could boost the nation's vacation-home market. Mexico currently prohibits foreign ownership of land within 50 kilometers (31 miles) of the coast or 100 kilometers of an international border. The limits were written … [Read more...]

Mexico’s violence not as widespread as it seems

By Black Label Interactive Go to Original Mexico has very low violent crime rates. The U.S. Assault rate is 5 times higher than Mexico’s. Mexico’s violent crime rates for Assault, Kidnapping and Rape are substantially lower than Canada’s and yet the U.S. State Department issues no such warnings for Canada. The rate for Rape in the U.S. is more than double the rate in Mexico.  The numbers in the charts below have been adjusted for unreported crime from the respected 2012 Prominix report and … [Read more...]

Understanding the size and scope of Mexico

By Black Label Interactive Go to Original Mexico is huge, ranking 14th among the world's 249 countries, and spanning over 2,000 miles from end to end. Mexico is a nation of 31 states as diverse as those in the U.S. To put it in context, Mexico is larger than the 19 U.S. states from Texas to Maine! All those states would be the 15th largest country, right behind Mexico at number 14. In addition to 31 states, Mexico has a Federal District like Washington D.C. which is many times larger and … [Read more...]

How Mexico Got Back in the Game

By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN Published: February 23, 2013 Go to Original   In India, people ask you about China, and, in China, people ask you about India: Which country will become the more dominant economic power in the 21st century? I now have the answer: Mexico. Impossible, you say? Well, yes, Mexico with only about 110 million people could never rival China or India in total economic clout. But here’s what I’ve learned from this visit to Mexico’s industrial/innovation center in … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez On New Year’s Getaway In Punta Mita, Mexico

Published December 30, 2012 | Hollywood Life by Christopher Rogers Go to Original Justin and Selena are back together again! The loving duo arrived at the Punta Mita resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on Dec. 29! See the pics. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were all smiles as they touched down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on Saturday Dec. 29. Both pop stars posed (separately) with an unidentified woman upon landing. On Dec. 29, Justin confirmed to his fans that he’s in Mexico… sort … [Read more...]

Mario Lopez ready to wed in Mexico on Saturday

The 'X Factor' host and Courtney Mazza will tie the knot at Joe Francis' villa. Party time! 3:54PM EST November 30. 2012 - Cute couple Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza are getting ready to wed. (As Brad Pitt says, "The time is nigh!") Eva Longoria is already in Mexico for the big event,tweeting, "So excited to be here!" In Touch is reporting that nuptials will happen Saturday at Girls Gone Wild guru Joe Francis' Casa Aramara villa in Punta Mita. Joe confirms that on his website, with a … [Read more...]

Un lujo con vista al Pacífico y el legendario hoyo Cola de Ballena

A 40 km de Puerto Vallarta, una pequeña localidad consagrada a la buena vida, la hotelería cinco estrellas y un campo de golf de diseño único Por Daniela Dini  | Para LA NACION   RRIVIERA NAYARIT.- A lo lejos se ve un alcatraz patiazul. De repente son diez, veinte, cien. Imposible contarlos. Tal como su nombre lo dice, tienen las patas azules, como imitando el color del Pacífico que aquí, a 40 kilómetros del aeropuerto de Puerto Vallarta, vira del azul profundo a un cristalino turquesa, … [Read more...]

Punta Mita Gourmet & Golf Classic: A Celebration of Food, Drink, Nature and the Game

Story by: Bill Nestor Go to Original It’s no wonder the Gourmet & Golf Classic takes place in Punta Mita. The location with two charming hotel resorts and pair of Jack Nicklaus golf courses nestled in a secluded and gated 1500-acre peninsular reserve on the Pacific Ocean surrounded by white sand beaches is perfect for such an extravaganza. The second annual Gourmet Golf event was replete with wonderful weather, fabulous flavors, great golfing and joyful times with friends. The … [Read more...]

Punta Mita is a top because of chefs, weather and also… golf

7 August 2012 Written by Art Stricklin PUNTA MITA, Mexico -- If you have some of the top chefs in the world, some of the top oceanside golf courses, the top Northern American Scenery and top tropical weather, you might think you would have a tip top good golfing time. You would be right when you make the journey to the Pacific Mexican regional destination Riviera Nayarit and it star attraction Punta Mita. Earlier this year, Punta Mita hosted the Second Punta Mita Gourmet and Golf … [Read more...]

Destination Dispatches: 6 Reasons to Resort at The St. Regis Punta Mita

Guest Editor: - Carrie Harrison-Ell, Senior Vice President of Hotel Programs for Kiwi Collection and mother of three; she is an expert on family travel. Carrie’s not-so-secret pleasures include: romantic trips to Siena, wine and cheese pairings and everything about the Mayan Riviera. Attention all those looking for a great beach vacation spot for the family, Carrie Harrison-Ell has three kids and six reasons to make The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort in Mexico the place. Punta Mita is a … [Read more...]

Kirsten Dunst escaped to Punta Mita, Mexico over the weekend and relaxed at The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort.

Kirsten Dunst jet-setted from the Cannes Film Festival – where she won Best Actress for “Melancholia” last year and this year debuted “On The Road” alongside co-star Kristen Stewart – to The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort.  There, Kirsten hosted a Mexican bachelorette party for her best friend and bride-to-be Molly and four other girlfriends, opting for sombreros and margaritas over veils and body shots. The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort, located in an exclusive haven, afforded Kirsten and friends … [Read more...]

On Location: The 5-Diamond St. Regis Punta Mita, Mexico

written by Rick Shively | Posted on September 10th, 2012 Go to original: It’s a quiet 40-minute ride from Puerto Vallarta International Airport to the subtle elegance of the 5-diamond, 120-room St. Regis Punta Mita. You pull up here expecting a dramatic welcome and the resort doesn’t disappoint. The welcoming staff escort you through an open air lobby where you’re given a seat overlooking a wide, terraced fountain meandering down through the property with the teal blue ocean waiting in … [Read more...]

The Punta Mita Gourmet and Golf Classic marries the sophisticated worlds of culinary excellence and championship golf.

The Second Edition of the Punta Mita Gourmet and Golf Classic featured gourmet meals and cooking courses taught by distinguished chefs, a series of wine and tequila tastings, and festive gatherings at the luxurious The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort and Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, and “The Punta Mita Cup”, a two-day golf tournament on Jack Nicklaus’ Two Signature Courses Bahia and Pacifico. New additions to this celebrated anthology included renowned Chefs Richard Sandoval, the father of … [Read more...]

“A Taste of Punta Mita” in Dallas

Over 100 Dallas VIPs enjoyed the evening. Dallas owners of Punta Mita residences were on hand, together with their guests and friends, to share with them a bit more of Punta Mita’s many appeals – only one of which is its culinary artistry. In attendance were the General Managers of both of Punta Mita’s acclaimed resorts, Carl Emberson of St. Regis Resort Punta Mita, and Michele Grosso of Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort. One topic of conversation was the upcoming Gourmet and Golf Classic, taking … [Read more...]

Second Punta Mita Gourmet & Golf Classic to Take Place April 12-15, 2012 in Punta Mita Resorts

Fore! The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort, Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, Punta Mita Resorts and Riviera Nayarit announce the II Punta Mita Gourmet & Golf Classic to take place from 12th - 15th April 2012 Take Advantage of Early Bird Specials to Spectacular Second Annual Event Featuring Renowned Chefs, Wine and Tequila Makers, and Two Celebrated Jack Nicklaus Golf courses PUNTA MITA, RIVIERA NAYARIT, Mexico (December 14th, 2011) – Located within Mexico’s most exclusive beach community along … [Read more...]

Soleil Moon Frye Shares Family Vacation Video!

"My brother and my nieces were also in Mexico and stayed with us so it was a big family trip." Punky Brewster alum Soleil Moon Frye shares this video on Moonfrye, showcasing her recent family holiday at Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, Mexico. "The video was so much fun to make." Gracias Soleil! We are glad that you and your family had a wonderful time here in Punta Mita.     Punky Brewster alum Soleil Moon Frye shares the above video on Moonfrye, showcasing her recent … [Read more...]

Punta Mita Welcomes 2012 with Record Festive Vacation Season

Record occupancy fills Resorts, Private Rentals, Golf Courses Punta Mita, Mexico’s most exclusive address and a gated community of luxury resorts and private residences, registered a record 2011 Festive season with occupancy levels at historic highs as luxury travelers re-discovered this preferred destination.   According to the ancient Maya of Mexico, the year that falls between December 21, 2011 and December 21, 2012 is one to be filled with celebration, as … [Read more...]

Celebrity Spotting in Punta Mita, Mexico

We've had superstar visitors in Punta Mita before but it has been particularly Gaga with a frolicking a Sheens and return visits from the Kardashain family. Famously graced by Beyonce, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston with Vince Vaughn, Kate Hudson with Matt Bellamy of Muse...then more discreet legends like Michael Stipe, Ewan McGregor, Roger Waters as well as many captains of industry and politicians. After filming in Mexico City, Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and Diego Luna shot a … [Read more...]

Tips From Hole 3B: Golf at Pacifico Golf Course, Punta Mita

Written by: Larry Olmsted Signature Hole: 3B, par 3 Why It Is Unique: There are just handful of “island green” golf holes in the world, but the rarest of all is the Tail of the Whale on Punta Mita’s Pacifico Course. Every other island green is man-made and in a lake, but this one, also known as Hole 3B, is a naturally occurring offshore atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Because the tees are on the beach, and the island is where nature put it, the hole cannot be played at less than 170 yards, … [Read more...]

Daniele Tonin Named New Chef of Sea Breeze at The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort

General Manager Carl Emberson is pleased to announce Daniele Tonin as the new chef of Sea Breeze at the AAA Five-Diamond St. Regis Punta Mita Resort.  A culinary leader possessing a wealth of experience in the kitchens of luxury resorts throughout Mexico, Chef Tonin has created a new menu at Sea Breeze, which overlooks the pristine beaches of Bahía de Banderas and features contemporary cuisine with Italian influences in a relaxed bistro environment. “We are pleased to welcome Daniele to the … [Read more...]

Paradise in Punta Mita

Traveling to Punta Mita, a small Mexican town near Puerta Vallarta, I came to discover that luxury doesn't simply mean being surrounded by opulence. It is waking up each morning feeling relaxed, secluded, and never having to want. Champagne awaits you when you arrive at The St. Regis Punta Mita as you overlook the pool cascading to the ocean shore. A nice spacious room with an ocean view welcomed me. An outdoor shower enticed me every morning and after every swim. We enjoyed breakfast on our … [Read more...]

The St. Regis Punta Mita and the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Riviera Nayarit are seeking to attract Brazilian tourists after the opening of a new TAM Airlines route to Mexico City, with connections to our destination

Eight of the most important Brazilian media agencies visited Mexico’s Pacific Treasure this week The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort and the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) of Riviera Nayarit organized an introductory trip for the most important Brazilian networks in an effort to attract new tourists from Brazil, one of the most important travel markets in Latin America. Our destination is seeking to capitalize on the new daily flight by TAM Airlines from Sao Paulo to Mexico City, and … [Read more...]

The Grace Of Mexico’s Lovely Punta Mita

Story by: Andria Mitsakos About seven years ago, I took a sabbatical in Mexico and quickly developed a strong affinity for the hospitality, food, culture and sense of well-being I had when I was there. I was based in Puerto Vallarta at the time and was introduced to its northern neighbor, Punta Mita. As someone who grew up accustomed to a Caribbean seaside, the coastline just an hour from bustling Vallarta was teaming with appeal: picture-perfect white-sand beaches, palm trees, pristine … [Read more...]

Riviera Nayarit, la Costa Emergente de México

Es el nuevo destino de moda en México y algunas de sus playas –como la exclusiva Punta Mita– se han convertido en refugio de famosos como Charlie Sheen o Lady Gaga, que acaban de pasar sus vacaciones aquí. Sin embargo, no todo se trata de lujos o farándula: ubicada al norte de Puerto Vallarta, la emergente Riviera Nayarit aún esconde varios secretos por descubrir. Texto y fotos: Sebastián Montalva Wainer Uno. Punta Mita Refugio de estrellas  El 20 de agosto pasado las redes … [Read more...]

Sun Shines on Three Amigos in Paradise A Trio of Luminous Mexican Golf and Beach Resorts

Story by: Bill Nestor  Traveling to Mexico’s west coast was a welcomed respite for this winter-weary Vermonter, and a superb choice of destinations for anyone in search of an idyllic sun-drenched location, delicious culinary indulgence, exceptional hospitality and weather made for ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation and rapture. My time at the St. Regis and Four Seasons five-star beach and spa resorts with two Jack Nicklaus Signature courses in Punta Mita, and at LaTranquila Resort with … [Read more...]

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