The COVID-19 pandemic and government response measures to combat the virus have had a profound impact on our lives and many businesses both in Punta de Mita and around the globe over the past several weeks. In particular, this crisis is beginning to severely impact the lives of the 3,000 people who call Punta de Mita home. Due to business layoffs, furloughs and regulations, many townspeople are struggling - are likely soon to face severe food shortages and having to depart to return to their homes of origin.

In order to bring immediate relief and support to the community, PEACE Punta de Mita and Punta Mita Resort (DINE), have joined forces to proactively devise both short and long term plans to address this crisis. The group, aided by the PEACE staff and a group of local restauranteurs (Babelas’s, Tuna Blanca, Hector’s Kitchen with more expected to join the task force), identified families of nearly 200 children and 100 elderly in Punta de Mita who are at risk for not having access to daily food. The immediate response plan is the distribution of weekly filled grocery bags - with the first delivery to deploy tomorrow, with support from the team at La Comer Supermarket . The distribution points will be the senior centers in each town of Punta de Mita. Without doubt, the number of families needing assistance will likely grow, and the PEACE staff is in the process of identifying them by name and family size, assuring that food supplies are to be directed to only townspeople. Close in, the plan is to give priority to the unemployed families of children with possible expansion to all 1,100 families, based on incoming donations and the duration of the pandemic’s affect in Punta de Mita. At this time, respect for the dignity of those needing assistance is paramount in this initiative.

This support effort to aid our community will take significant financial resources, and sustainability will require the input of donations from those reading this appeal. We foresee that a single donation of $1,000 USD will provide the most staple nourishment for a five-member family for roughly five months.

You can make your donation through Pay Pal to: please make reference to the Punta de Mita Humanitarian Relief Fund.

Additional PEACE efforts include the requested intercession with the local government to preclude the discontinuance of utilities in Punta de Mita. The Local restaurants which form part of the Task force have committed and are gearing up to provide should needs be prepared meals by certain zones, one meal per individual per day.

We thank you in advance for your support and love for the community of Punta de Mita.

Thank you,
  Carl Emberson
Director of Operations Punta Mita
Ron Budacz
Chairman Peace Punta de Mita
  Club Punta Mita  
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