Wellness Program Nurture

Versión en Español NEW YEAR NURTURING. SELF LOVE AND CARE RETREAT From February 13th to 16th, 2020, visit Punta Mita for a unique Nurture Retreat designed to help you embrace your spirit and nourish your soul with self-care on a deeper level. Slow down and discover the quiet art of conscious relating while exploring ancient [...]

Casa Mita Pops Up to Celebrate!

Version en Español DEC 6TH TO MARCH 2020 9:00 AM TO 6:00 PM CASA MITA Be sure to pop into Casa Mita from December 6th until May 2020 to visit our Pop Up Store celebrating Punta Mita’s 20th birthday. Commemorative collectors’ items like water bottles, golf attire from shirts , ball markers, puzzles, cards, sunhats [...]

The Best 10 Travel #PuntaMita Instagram Posts from November

The most beautiful post of November was published by @tarynbaxterphotographer . The post showcases a couple on St Regis’ beach. They are surrounded by deep blue waters and white sand beach. They are enjoying this lovely moment in this spectacular setting, and look… they just get married! Can you think in anything more romantic than [...]