Punta Mita Golf Club Announces Launch of New Golf Academy

Punta Mita Golf Club, Mexico’s premier golf destination featuring two beautiful Jack Nicklaus Signature courses, has announced the upcoming Punta Mita Golf Academy, to open this winter. Part of Punta Mita’s continued amenity expansion, the new Golf Academy will be under the direction of acclaimed instructor Tom F. Stickney II and will offer a variety of state-of-the-art lessons and on-course instruction.


Stickney brings almost 30 years of elite professional instruction experience to Punta Mita with accolades including Golf Magazine “Top 100 Instructor,” Golf Digest “Top Teacher,” Golf Tips “Top 30 Instructors,” and Trackman Master/Partner, among others. Stickney joined the Punta Mita Golf Club in April 2018 and is passionate about creating a unique golf curriculum for Golf Academy players of all ages and levels.


The goal of Stickney’s programming at the Academy is to help golfers improve fundamentals –pivot, plane, short game, putting, and shot selection– by actively practicing and analyzing them, both on and off the course. Results should not only modify and shape existing fundamentals, but also develop skills based on individual needs, ability level, and overall desire. This philosophy makes practice time more enjoyable and typically accelerates the learning curve.


The Punta Mita Golf Academy programs have been developed with top level training techniques and technology to provide the fastest and most effective results, like the Swing Analysis program which evaluates a golfer’s movement using 3D motion breakdown, a four-camera V1 digital video system, force plates, and a Trackman 4 launch monitor to understand and improve the swing specifically based on each player’s motion. These tools combined with a custom improvement plan will fast-track learning at any handicap level. The Golf Academy will also offer a climate-controlled environment with four covered hitting ranges and exclusive technology not found elsewhere in Mexico.


The Punta Mita Golf Academy will be available to Punta Mita residents and resort guests and will offer a variety of exclusive packages including:

•  Multi and Single Day Golf Schools
•  Individual Golf Instruction
•  Clinics, Golf 101, and On-Course Instruction



The Punta Mita Golf Academy will be open daily, by appointment only. For more information, email: tom.stickney@puntamita.com or visit golf.puntamita.com.