Punta Mita Hospital Announces New App

Punta Mita Hospital (PMH) announced its new APP to attend emergency situations within Punta Mita development as well as surrounding areas.

New Hospital within Punta de Mita, today announced the launch of its app for iOS and Android mobile devices. This addition to PMH’s technological infrastructure illustrates the company’s initiative and dynamism in building the most advanced health care experience for its users.

With only 6 months of the oficial opening, PMH is offering this new tool to help to save people´s life. This mobile app provides a simple way to be located in a situation of emergency.


Innovative features on this app include:

· State-of-the-art location technology. This app includes a panic button. This new technology allow the Hospital to learn your position through GPS and activate ambulance and paramedics.

· Important information availability. PMH app includes medical records to know better the specific health conditions of each user, such as blood type, allergies, meds etc. This allows the medical team to have a better understanding and provide the best possible treatment on time.

· Emergency contact. You may register a person to be notified in case of an emergency, an email will be sent with PMH contact information.

· Free service. There is no cost involved so please go to your app store and download it if you live in Punta Mita or if you are planning to visit.




Punta Mita Hospital emerges from the visionary experience of Dr. Najmabadi, Dr. Ohadi and Dr. Ahdoot (from Los Angeles, CA). They realized the limited access to quality health care services in the area and decide to make a difference in Punta Mita and the surrounding areas.

At Punta Mita Hospital we have an excellent staff, all our exclusive doctors are certified in ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) and ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) certification, our paramedics are young but highly skilled, ready to help, and our nurses are trained to immediately asses your condition and committed to providing the most compassionate care.

With two full-equipped ambulances we are ready to service patients with any sort of emergency such an Intensive Care.

Our laboratory services are available to public 24/7; we can help with simple blood chemistry panels or run more sophisticated tests. For cardiac emergencies we have a specific cardiac profile.

State of the art equipment, such an XRay, ultrasound and C-arm are also accessible 24/7

“Punta Mita Hospital meets both American standards and Mexican norms, promoting wellness in a positive and caring environment”



· Emergency Services 24/7
· Ambulances 24/7 (ground and air)
· Diagnostic Laboratory and Imaging Services
· Home calls-visits 24/7
· Pharmacy
· Outpatient consultation 9-6 pm
· Consultation (other specialists) on demand
· General Surgery
· Fertility and Reproductive Health


EMERGENCY: (329) 688 00 68

To learn more, please visit: www.puntamitahospital.com

For appointments or information on Punta Mita Hospital please call +52 (329) 688 0059 or email: frontdesk@puntamitahospital.com

Acceso a Punta Mita No. 1, Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico C.P. 63734