Punta Mita Hospital | PCR DIAGNOSIS

Phase 1 | Day 1 to 7 of infection: asymptomatic patient but contagious
Phase 2 | Day 7 to 14 of infection: patient with symptoms and contagion
Phase 3 | Day 14 to 21 of infection: infection declines but the patient is still contagious
Phase 4 | Day 14 to 28: patient convalesces, can still infect. (The days of each phase may vary in each patient)


POLYMERATE CHAIN REACTION Detects the virus from day 1 of infection until the patient is healthy. Diagnosis through PCR represents a certain degree of complexity. It requires personnel with training and preparation for its proper implementation.

SAMPLING It consists of extracting a sample of saliva and mucous from the patient to determine the presence of the virus (nasopharyngeal sample)

RESULTS 12 to 24 hours *
*Sample collection before 2:00pm

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