Punta Mita Instagram LIVE with Coco Nogales, Professional Mexican Surfer

In our eleventh Checking In with Punta Mita’s Carl Emberson, we had the pleasure to interview via Instagram LIVE the Professional Mexican Surfer, Coco Nogales!

This week we resume our series of Punta Mita checking ins after taking a short break last week, giving some space to all the happenings around the globe and contributing with our silence to express our respect for all lives.

But we are back, and in this, our eleventh checking in, we talked with an outstanding example of strength and continuous fight overcoming challenges: Carlos “Coco“ Nogales. After a rough start in life, Coco discovered the ocean and found his passion in live to become one of the most renowned big wave surfers in the world!

Coco was born in Aguascalientes, a tiny state in the center of the country, but at a very young age he found himself seating on the beach watching some surfer ride the waves, and immediately decided: this is what I want to do. And he has done it ever since!

Coco joined the conversation from his hometown (by choice) at Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca; where he’s been during this quarantine, and told us how things are looking over there, in a town that as Punta Mita, has tourism as its main income source, and that has been also going through very difficult times due to the lack of travelers and the closing of any kind of touristic activity because of COVID-19. Coco expressed his gratitude to his friends who have sent funds to help people in need, making possible for him to visit the surrounding villages helping people with the delivery of food.

It was a nice chat, Coco’s vibe is amazing, his energy can be perceived even through the camera, and although he’s very aware of the current challenging situation around the globe and in his community, he emphasize the importance of staying positive… of waking up every day grateful for being alive, for having a roof over our heads and food on our tables.

Coco’s life revolves around the ocean and not being able to go and catch some waves has been a real challenge for him, however, he’s confident beaches will open soon, and he’s grateful for the opportunity given by the Puerto Escondido municipality to exercise outdoors: running, swimming and surfing daily for a couple hours early in the morning. We can certainly imagine the positive impact of this measure in all those who enjoy working out outdoors, and of course to him, a man that literally lives to ride waves.

During the conversation, Carl invited Coco to visit us soon to discover the newest Punta Mita amenity, La Lancha Surf Club, scheduled to open on July 1st. And Coco’s emotion was evident, he enjoys visiting Punta Mita and likes La Lancha surf break very much. He even considers the Punta Mita area as one of the best places to learn to surf, with its friendly waves and amazing surf breaks. No wonder why so many of the Punta Mita homeowners and visitors love surf and keep coming back to ride great waves and enjoy the uncrowded beaches.

Coco is no longer actively competing, but he keeps chasing big waves all over the world and pushing his limits, now (in his own words) he’s more “picky“, making only two or three trips a year, trips that for a couple of months were put on hold, but he’s looking forward to travel again and keep conquering waves around the globe.

As part of his charitable work, Coco Nogales runs a social project that organize surf camps for kids in vulnerable situation, teaching them much more than just to surf, but reinforcing they self-esteem, teaching them about the importance of taking care our environment and sharing his own experience, showing them with his own example how crucial is to follow your dream.

Coco is in love with Puerto Escondido, but he confessed that until the first time he was here in Punta Mita he didn’t know there was another paradise besides Puerto (Escondido), Punta Mita “hooked“ him, it makes him feel free, a feeling that we all appreciate so much lately.

Punta Mita waves are waiting for you Coco, thank you for sharing your good vibe with us, you inspire us to keep riding that great wave call life!