Punta Mita Golf Instagram LIVE with Carlos Ortiz, Professional Mexican Golfer

In our tenth Checking In with Punta Mita’s Carl Emberson, we had the pleasure to interview via Instagram LIVE the Professional Mexican Golfer and Punta Mita fam, Carlos Ortiz!

During the past weeks, Carl has held a series of fun casual conversations about golf, lifestyle, cuisine, travel and the luxury world with many Punta Mita friends. This last Monday, Carl chatted with Carlos Ortiz, a young talented Mexican Golf Pro from Guadalajara, PGA Tour player and player of the year of the Web.com Tour with Ferry Tour in 2014. Carlos is currently in an excellent position (26th) in the FedEx Tour of this year, tournament that remains on hold due to the current international situation. However, he has secured his PGA card for next year, a very important accomplishment for every golfer, ensuring his place among the top 125 world golf players.

After a golf practice Carlos joined this Instagram Live from his golf cart, very accurate setting for him, and conversation flowed naturally between the two golf lovers.

Carlos has been training at the gym during the entire quarantine, although being at home with two small kids and have broken a toe! Now he’s 100% and back in the course, playing every day with friends and colleges, getting ready for the upcoming tournament the Colonial Country Club at Fort Worth (yes the same golf club that has now became a friend of Punta Mita after various encounters on their course and of course here, on our Bahía and Pacifico courses), and while this won’t be his first time in it, this does looks particularly interesting with the participation of big golf names that had decided to join the tournament this year.

Carlos is a declared Punta Mita fan, he enjoys spending time here with his family and playing our magnificent Jack Nicklaus Signature golf courses; he particularly loves visiting us during new year. Few years ago, he spent some time on Pacifico and Bahia courses with F1 Mexican racer Checo Perez… now Checo is in love with Punta Mita too and very into golfing!

During the conversation it was evident that there’s a friendly rivalry between the two “Carlitos”, rivalry that challenges them to do their best at the course every time they play together. We wonder who would be the next one emptying his opponent pockets?

Carlos is spending this quarantine at home with his wife Haley, his 2 years old and 9 months old babies up in Dallas, Texas; although he confessed he would have preferred to spend it down here at the beach, but due to the uncertainty on the travel policies around the globe, he had to stay in Dallas to secure his participation on the upcoming tournament, tournament that will set the tone for the upcoming path on the golf scenario.

Both Carlos agreed that during these uncertain times we’ve been forced to exercise our flexibility to adjust to the new reality. Also, this has been an extraordinary opportunity to capitalize the tremendous value of our family. Being able to spend such difficult times safe at home with our loved ones is already a blessing, but going through them at Punta Mita is simply extraordinary: enjoying the beach, open spaces, those magical sunsets and taking deep breaths of fresh air is priceless.

We wish Carlos the best for the upcoming challenge, very soon Punta Mita will be ready to welcome him and his family again, and Carl will be waiting for him at the golf course!

LIVE interview with Carlos Ortiz @puntamita Youtube