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Since the beginning of the pandemic, hospitals have become the focus of consultations on how to act in the face of this virus. There are so many questions and doubts because it is such a new virus.

At first, the consultations were addressing the symptoms of this virus and how to know if someone is sick. We know that today the scope of these consultations have changed because there are so many asymptomatic patients.

This is why, in recent days, the questions we receive mostly are about the effectiveness of the different tests. At Punta Mita Hospital we have two different types of tests: IgG / IgM Antibody (better known as “rapid test”) and PCR.

An IgG / IgM Antibody test helps to quickly verify a suspected patient (results in 20 min). This test is recommended i for asymptomatic patients since it is cheaper than PCR and even provides information indicating whether the patient contracted the virus in past months and is not presently active. This test is 96% effective in patients with 7 days of suspected infection.

The PCR test is effective at any stage of the disease. Results take 5-7 days and its reliability is slightly higher than the rapid test.

We also have a 64-slice CT-Scan that helps confirm confirm the virus in patients. CT-Scans are 100% effective in detecting pneumonia but, with the absence of information on whether the existing pneumonia is caused by COVID or not, that is why it is recommended that it be accompanied by a rapid test and in case of suspicions found in the tomography be further confirmed with a PCR test.

Soon at Punta Mita Hospital, we will have the ability to perform PCR tests on site with results in 24 hours.

We are here to take care of you and yours. That is why Punta Mita Hospital, your hospital, recommends that you call us if you are having symptoms or suspected contagion. Our highly trained physicians will be able to help determine which test is recommended in each case.

We also invite you to complete the online questionnaire to find out the recommendations for your situation: https://puntamitahospital.com/covid-19-assessment/

If you are owner or manager of a house, restaurant, hotel, etc we recommend that you test all your staff. Ask for our packages & distinctive description.


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