Punta Mita Hospital Instagram LIVE with Sam Najmabadi

In another Checking In with Punta Mita’s Carl Emberson, we had the pleasure to interview via Instagram LIVE Punta Mita Hospital’s founder and creator Dr. Sam Najmabadi!

Since its creation, Punta Mita has been characterized by the variety and top quality of its amenities and facilities, offering all types of services for its residents and visitors, and few years ago, Punta Mita reached a whole new level with the opening of the Punta Mita Hospital, a complete and fully equipped medical facility that has certainly increased the already existent sense of safety in the area. A project like this could only be created and directed by a renowned expert in the health field, someone that pursuit the highest standards and doesn’t settle for less, Dr. Sam Najmabadi.

Dr. Sam is a graduate of University of California San Diego, in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, USC School of Medicine, he completed his residency in Ob/Gyn and a fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (RE/I) both at USC. Originally based in Los Angeles but with a Mexican permanent residence in process, Dr. Sam is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) as well as board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (RE/I). Dr. Najmabadi proudly enjoys a very high success rate with infertility patients requiring Assisted Reproductive Techniques, especially IVF and egg donation. Techniques that he has implemented in our hospital to complement the existing array of general medical services.

Dr. Sam joined this Live Checking in from its home in Punta Mita, he and his family recently arrived to spend some quality time enjoying the beautiful weather and the beach. And as everyone in the area, he feels privileged to be in such a peaceful and quiet place, away from the pandemic madness. In his own words, is like “living in paradise”, the fact that during this entire time only 1 COVID case has been reported it is simply amazing, especially for him, coming from LA where cases are reported by thousands. He’s a firm believer that the combination of Punta Mita being a peninsula, open spaces, hot air, UV light and natural social distance of the area have maintained Punta Mita safe and COVID free.

It was very interesting to listen his point of view, both as a traveler and as a doctor, about traveling to Punta Mita during COVID times. Nowadays many people are afraid to travel, but he affirms “if it was a huge problem, I wouldn’t have my entire family here with me”. He shares that during their flight they wore face masks, and in accordance to safety protocols every other seat on the plane was empty, and when arriving to the airport, security was great, they asked them some questions and checked their temperature, “it was totally fine to be on a plane and come down, we have been to restaurants, everybody is following protocols, they are doing a great job“, and the fact that Riviera Nayarit was one of the first destinations receiving the Safe Travel Stamp by the WTC in recognition of the correct implementation of sanitary protocols, convinced him that Punta Mita is a safe environment and people feel comfortable knowing the area is doing all to make them feel safe, “…I have no issues going back and forth“ affirms Dr. Sam.

Dr. Sam was reiterated several times the amazing work that has been done by the Punta Mita team about the creation and implementation of safety protocols to maintain us all in the community safe and healthy. Little by little, more businesses in the area will be reopening its doors, the Punta Mita resort will welcome guests again as per July 1st, and the work done with all the preventive measures in the resort will be key to a successful return to our new reality. And the fact that Punta Mita has a fully equipped hospital, makes everyone feel safer, knowing that in case of any unfortunate eventuality, there’s a top-level medical facility just around the corner.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, the Punta Mita Hospital developed protocols and through the Punta Mita Hospital Foundation equipped themselves with an isolation unit with filters to pick up patients, and created an isolation area to receive them and take care of them, allowing patients to receive the best medical care while keeping the staff safe. On top of that, they now have onsite testing, with their PCR tests results can be received within three days, and fast tests gives you the results in only 15 minutes. All of that here… in Punta Mita! “We are better prepared than most places in the US”, affirms Dr. Sam.

The Punta Mita Hospital is a top level facility, it has 7 hospital suites, ICU, 6 ER beds, 2 OR, laboratory, equipment for catheterizations, a direct connection with the University of California San Diego for the continued attention of strokes and cardiac episodes, X-rays, CT Scan, pharmacy with delivery service available, telemedicine for emergency evaluations that can be taken to your home, house calls, and critical car ambulance services, its truly a great service for a very small community. Hopefully you would never need to see the inside of the hospital, but if you need to, here they are to take care you.

Dr. Sam highlights the importance of people knowing that such a wonderful amenity is available here in Punta Mita, providing emergency, general and outpatient services as orthopedics, plastics and infertility among many others, making this destination also an option for medical tourism. This last modality has been very popular, people come here to get treatments while staying in Punta Mita enjoying a vacation, and they love it! They don’t want to leave!

Now that we are getting back to this new reality, and while more and more businesses are reopening, many companies want to keep their staff and clients safe, and testing is key. Please be aware that Punta Mita Hospital has testing programs available for local companies and employers.

According to Dr. Sam, the implementation of sanitary cautions, together with training and compliance of these protocols will keep us out of trouble. Education, training and testing are the main important things, Punta Mita has done a great job with the first two, now testing comes into play. He highlights the importance of being conscious and cautious, and if we are not feeling good… immediately seek for help.

Once again, as it has happened in most of our previous checking ins, people who happen to be spending time in Punta Mita have discovered how “connected“ they are with the world in this paradise. Dr. Sam tells us how he got a text from one of his Punta Mita neighbors who have stayed here for a couple months with his family, saying: “you know Sam?, I could live here full time…“, to what he replied: “I’m trying to do it”. Many of us can work here or from here, and we know that specially in times like these, having a facility as the Punta Mita Hospital brings tranquility to both residents and visitors.

Before concluding the chat, Dr. Sam thanked Carl, DINE, the Punta Mita Hospital Foundation and the entire staff, for all the support given to the hospital. Emphasizing that the hospital serves to both the Punta Mita resort and the community, implementing new programs to keep us all healthy, inside and outside the resort. Same thought that has made this region so special, Punta Mita and Punta de Mita working together to make a wonderful destination.

Checking In with Dr. Sam Najmabadi in Youtube