Introducing Punta Mita 360

Version en Español At times when things seem to escape our control and the noise around us keeps getting louder and louder, we just need to listen. On such occasions, it is important to take a step back and look at what’s most important. For us, that is you.   Please stay safe and do [...]

Punta Mita Hospital | PCR DIAGNOSIS

VERSION EN ESPAÑOL COVID-19 PHASES Phase 1 | Day 1 to 7 of infection: asymptomatic patient but contagious Phase 2 | Day 7 to 14 of infection: patient with symptoms and contagion Phase 3 | Day 14 to 21 of infection: infection declines but the patient is still contagious Phase 4 | Day 14 to 28: [...]

Kupuri Beach Club Remote Office

Punta Mita: The Place to Live and Work Remotely Punta Mita: The Place to Live and Work Remotely If we’re going to be working and studying from home for the foreseeable future, why not take that business call or have your kids brush up on their Spanish for their school exam within the natural, lush [...]

PMOS | Bikes & E-Bikes Rentals

VERSION EN ESPAÑOL Now it’s easier to explore the wide open spaces of Punta Mita, go to the beach clubs or take a quick ride to run errands inside the development with the Punta Mita Ocean Sports Bike Rental service.   Punta Mita recreational route provides a variety of options to move around Punta Mita [...]