Hospital Punta Mita Packages

A few lifestyles changes may greatly reduce your risk 1 Start by staying on top of your numbers, such us your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. 2 Your doctor might also deem it wise to determine your coronary calcium score which, through a CT Scan, identifies the amount of buildup in your arteries. 3 Then [...]

A Taste of Punta Mita in San Francisco

Versión en Español Chef David Vidales from Pacifico Beach Club prepared a delicious meal at Punta Mita Residents John & Nina Gladish’s Home in San Francisco early this week as part of our Summer program of a Taste of Punta Mita on the road. He also gave a cooking Class to a group of local [...]

Wellness Program

Versión en Español SLOW DOWN. BREATHE. NUTURE YOURSELF ON ALL LEVELS. Punta Mita Wellness Retreats are curated luxury wellness experiences that bring together yoga, meditation, mindfulness, coaching and lifestyle workshops to provide deep rejuvenation, inspiration, healing and transformation. Each 3-day retreat focuses on a specific theme where you will explore an array of movement and [...]